Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Locked Up

This morning I left you locked up again with no release of your cum.  I know that your cock is becoming horny and your balls are swelling with several loads of cum.  This morning I know you wanted to taste me.  You wanted to lay down on the bed so that I could sit and smother you with my ass.  I know you left for work today thinking about licking my ass with your tounge and wishing you still had the smell and sweet taste of me somewhere on you.  This has been a hetic couple of days, so I know that you must feel ignored.  When you behave poorly and do not offer to help, Lady becomes disinstered in you.  You are my little bitch.  And the best punishment at this busy few days is leaving your little dick locked and ignoring it .  Even when I can see it buldging in your pants and watch you grab your crotch when you are sitting to adjust because the pressure of your cock and your swollen balls are so much they make you uncomfortable.  You wake up with a raging hard on and reach your hand in my pants wanting to feel and touch my pussy.  But as you can tell from the past two mornings, you don't always get what you want from Lady.  I have the key, I am in control.  Expect your allowance of adult beverages to be decreasing throughout the week.  If you can manage to accept this, you will be rewarded on the weeked.  You need to start getting my coffee and becoming a better bitch if you want to get your face in between my legs anytime soon. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Relocked Until....

So I have you locked again.  You have ben allowed to shoot your load while locked.  You came to me this morning wanting to put your face between my legs to taste me.  I wasn't interested.  Your cock was hard and ready to slide it's way into my pussy.  When reject you, you became cold.  Lady would like to remind you that I hold the key to your cock.  When I am ready to allow you to taste my pussy, I will.  Your place is to be ready for me, not to question.   For this reason, Lady will keep you locked and balls full of cum.  You will receive your list of chores that you will be responsible for this week.  You will only be allowed to release your swollen balls of cum this weekend if you follow my directions and complete your chores.  Lady is tired this evening and wants to rest my body.  You may taste my pussy tomorrow, if Lady so desires.  It's my pussy and to remind you, it's a treat for you to let your mouth press up agaist my pussy lips and slide your tounge in.  Good night.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have you locked again. It's only been a few.days, and your dick is alrady getting ready for me to tease and play with. I am keeping you locked this summer until I am ready to fuck you. Since my boyfriend is in town for a bit, I.am sure your little cock will not be of much use to me. It is nice to know that you.are.not able to go in the other room and jack off whenever you want. That truly means I have total control for the summer. I hold the key. This afternoon I will be checking to see how long it will take to get your cock lock shortened. It is too long. I want it short enough so your cock will be denied the ability to get hard. With that thought in mind I am leaving now while you are at work to get my pussy pleasured by my boyfriends big, long hard cock. I think I need my ass fucked today. You can think of that while you sit with your dick locked knowing I have the key.... Lady

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Relocking Hubby's Cock

Today I relocked his cock.  It had been out for a couple of days.  Since the device is new, it was a small challenge.  The first try I missed both balls.  Before I could lock him up, I had to do a bit of cock teasing.  His cock was very hard and throbbing in my hand.  He was begging me to let him cum.  I had told him no, it would be a long time before he shot his cum again.  But after several attempts of trying to get his balls through the ring and the covering on his cock, I finally just ended up jacking him off.  So, here we are, he is locked up and already wanting out of his cage.  However, I am firm with my answer of no.    

The Naked Husband: Some Pictures

The Naked Husband: Some Pictures: I'm doing the yearly thorough backup and ended up having some pics to share...

Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 With Lady

Big Daddy
Now that you have tested your new device we need to discuss the chastity options for the upcoming 2012 year. If you want me to tease and deny you and play chastity games with you then we are going to play them by my rules. Now that you can now keep yourself clean and wear the device to the gym. There will need no need for your dick to be hanging free during the New Year. I will unlock your dick on occasion when I feel like having your cock penetrate me or when I wish to play with it. Otherwise it will remain locked 24/7 and you will stay orgasm free.

Yes that’s correct you need to agree to your dick being locked for the entire year if you want me to agree to play the chastity game with you. Your cock has been locked continuous for two weeks and you have had 3 orgasms in your cage. Do not expect to cum this often in the New Year. You start getting horny and agreeable after several days without an orgasm and I am going to increase you time between orgasms to keep you in a horny and agreeable state.
The new agreement will not contain any specific chores or punishments only that you remain locked the entire year with me in control of your orgasms. If I allow you a period of time out of chastity you are free to jack off as you please, you will still be acting under my control since I allowed the device to be removed. Upon my request you will immediately lock your dick back in chastity following any period of release. Extended orgasm free time will be administered for delays in locking youself. I will be present and ensure you are locked correctly each time and take possesion of both keys. Respond to this post if you are in full agreement for the 2012 year.

I have been thinking about the coming Holiday and have decided to use this time to control not only your orgasms, but your behavior as well.  If I find that you are unattentive, or having behavior that I don't like, I will not be allowing a break from your device on Christmas day.  Since you haven't had your cock out for quite a bit, I believe that you will be more than willing to be on best behavior.  I know that I am not making an agreement with specifics, however, I will use your device to gain what I want from you.  It could be a new purse or folding laundry.  I am the key holder your orgasms, I control your cock.

Well, I let your cock out and have given you sex and you've become the usual asshole.  This tells me that I am right.  It's in your best interest for me to keep your cock locked.  Your new device is comfortable and there is no need for you to have you dick out swinging.  I will be locking you back up this evening after dinner.  If you refuse me the key, there will only the cold shoulder for you until you agree to be in chasity.  It will take a few days for you to become as horny as you were.  I love when I can hold you cock in it's device in my hand and feel it grow right in my hand.  When you balls are swollen and full of cum I love to tease your cock and watch your balls quiver as you beg me to suck on them.  I like to watch you cock press up against your cage and watch a drop of cum come out.  Until you are locked up for several days with denial of orgasm, the teasing will not happen.