Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Locked Up

This morning I left you locked up again with no release of your cum.  I know that your cock is becoming horny and your balls are swelling with several loads of cum.  This morning I know you wanted to taste me.  You wanted to lay down on the bed so that I could sit and smother you with my ass.  I know you left for work today thinking about licking my ass with your tounge and wishing you still had the smell and sweet taste of me somewhere on you.  This has been a hetic couple of days, so I know that you must feel ignored.  When you behave poorly and do not offer to help, Lady becomes disinstered in you.  You are my little bitch.  And the best punishment at this busy few days is leaving your little dick locked and ignoring it .  Even when I can see it buldging in your pants and watch you grab your crotch when you are sitting to adjust because the pressure of your cock and your swollen balls are so much they make you uncomfortable.  You wake up with a raging hard on and reach your hand in my pants wanting to feel and touch my pussy.  But as you can tell from the past two mornings, you don't always get what you want from Lady.  I have the key, I am in control.  Expect your allowance of adult beverages to be decreasing throughout the week.  If you can manage to accept this, you will be rewarded on the weeked.  You need to start getting my coffee and becoming a better bitch if you want to get your face in between my legs anytime soon. 

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